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The 4% rule is designed to help you calculate a safe withdrawal rate during retirement. You can spend 4% of your retirement assets during the first year(s) of retirement. You adjust the withdrawal rate with the rate of inflation each year or your lifestyle during retirement.

Salary Replacement Needed

This is the percentage of your annual income before your retirement that you would need in order to sustain your retirement lifestyle. Most people would need between 60% and 100% of their annual income to be replaced through retirement assets. This percentage can be adjusted based on Social Security payments and the lifestyle you choose during retirement.

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This is your annual income replacement needed during your retirement based on your inputs.

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This is your monthly income replacement needed during your retirement based on your inputs.

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This is your shortfall or surplus monthly replacement income during retirement without taking Social Security into account. You may want to create a financial strategy and/or adjust retirement savings rate to plan for and meet your monthly income replacement goal.