Debt Management Calculator

Are you potentially too heavy in debt? Typically, it’s better to start paying off debt before adding to emergency or savings accounts. Having an emergency savings account is crucial for unforeseen circumstances that may arise. See where you fall on this spectrum and our recommendations.

This is a simple monthly cash flow analysis of assets, liabilities and other non-discretionary payments. Your actual cash flow situation may vary based on several factors. Ratios shown here are from a typical mortgage application and each mortgage company may have different rules for qualifications.

This is a hypothetical estimate and the projections do not represent results from actual clients.


Annual Household Salary

Federal Income Tax Rate

Annual Household Retirement Savings

Checking or Savings Account Balances


Mortgage or Rent Payment

Car Payment

Credit Card Payment

Other Monthly Payments

Non-Discretionary Payments

Phone Bills




Auto Insurance



Monthly Cash Flow


Debt Payments


Non-Discretionary Expenses


Free Cash Flow


Readiness Scorecard

Debt to Income Ratio


We recommend a debt to income ratio less than 40%

Debt to Savings Ratio


We recommend a debt to savings ratio less than 25%

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